What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for You

Beneath the full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3 and 4, 2023, we are reminded that the journey to find our truth is where the magic happens. Sagittarius does not guarantee a happy life full of rainbows and unicorns. It guarantees that when you are willing, you can find the higher meaning of any life experience.

This full Moon shows us that Sagittarius is ultimately about truth. It teaches us that as we begin to appreciate the wisdom gained from some of the harder roads we’ve walked, it becomes easier to choose new ones. Instead of fearing what could happen, we understand that anything could happen at any time and we will always make the most of it.

What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Means for You

Sagittarius carries the energy of the wanderer, teacher, and philosopher. It is also the muse and the truth seeker. Depicted as the half-man, half-horse with a bow and arrow in hand, this sign is many things. It teaches us that we are many things, too. When we remain curious about the many facets of ourselves, we continually expand our consciousness.

As you journey through this full Moon in Sagittarius, think of yourself as the arrow. As the arrow flies through the air from the hands of the archer, it experiences many currents of reality. These flashes of insight and larger-picture views are more important than where the arrow lands. Gather what you need to know without concern about where you will land. Let yourself take twists and turns as needed to experience the change coming toward you. Be open to experiencing your reality from a different perceptive and keep searching for the bigger picture.

Under the influence of this fire sign, we feel a need for adventure. The powerful full Moon in Sagittarius teaches us to honor the quests of our life. Some of these quests may be actual adventures that carry us to far-off places, like climbing Machu Picchu or sailing around the world. Others may be adventures that keep us closer to home, like having a child or starting a company. Some of the greatest adventures can take place in our minds as we break through old patterns.

While these quests vary greatly in the details, they all take us someplace new, deliver us undeniable truths, and ask us to confront our greatest fears. As you work with the full Moon in Sagittarius, feel what great quest you are currently on or what is calling you toward it. Sagittarius teaches us to take leaps of faith that help us overcome our fears and assume the best will happen.

Sagittarius is known for its positive vibrations but sees the world as neither positive nor negative. What happens just is, and it’s always meant to be. Sagittarius helps us find the silver linings in the most challenging circumstances. It teaches us that life is full of many lessons, and as long as you are learning, you are living.

On any adventure, there will be twists and turns. Whether you are climbing a mountain, raising a child, or sitting in silence for tens of days on a meditation retreat, there will be challenges. There will also be moments of insight, gratitude, and hope. There will be dark nights when you feel alone and cold. There will be bright mornings when you exude gratitude for every breath.

Adventures of any kind are not supposed to be easy and carefree all of the time. If they were, they would fail to deliver the lessons we need. While we can learn pivotal insights from a path of ease, it’s often the more tumultuous ones that deliver the greatest wisdom.

Full Moon in Sagittarius with the Sun in Gemini

On the full Moon in Sagittarius, we are also working with the energy of Gemini, where the Sun is currently located. As the Moon and Sun oppose each other, they reveal the full spectrum of vibrations governed by the Gemini and Sagittarius axis.

We all hold the energies of Sagittarius and Gemini within our bodies. Even if these are not strong placements in our natal chart, we carry the energy of all twelve zodiac signs and can align with the higher or lower frequencies of each one at different times.

Sagittarius and Gemini are two sides of the same coin. Gemini focuses on the details, Sagittarius sees the bigger picture. Gemini communicates to learn, Sagittarius communicates to teach. Gemini searches for duality to understand the world, Sagittarius seeks ultimate truths that provide a higher unification of all energies.

These two signs, in many ways, help us integrate our left, logical brain with our right, creative side. Their integration helps us remain curious, ask questions, and look for answers while knowing that we are really searching for a higher understanding. We also understand how to take these higher philosophies and apply them to daily tasks. Blending the higher vibrations of Sagittarius and Gemini helps us find the magic in the mundane.

Both of these energies are needed at different times to help us learn, evolve, and open our perspectives. The full Moon in Sagittarius is an opportunity to recognize how we integrate these energies and where we may be holding onto lower vibrations. Once we are aware of these attachments, we can release them. When we can learn how to integrate their higher vibrations, we see the details and are able to connect them to understand the greater meaning of any experience.

Gemini is the sign of the twins. These find two opposing sides of every situation. Gemini’s energy moves quickly to help us scan any experience and find the details within it. This fast-paced nature also allows us to find dualities present. By looking at the extreme sides of any energy, we can gain a greater understanding of the larger picture.

When we align with the opportunities Gemini presents, we become fascinated by the world around us, desiring to know everything we can about its mysteries. We become the observer, which in turn makes us less reactive to our emotions. Gemini’s high side allows us to detach from our emotions while remaining present with them. This nonreactive state allows us to continue learning without closing our minds due to fear, misunderstanding, or anxiety. When we are open to different forms of communication, we open ourselves to receiving signs from the world around us.

Gemini’s low, or shadow, side includes judgment, closed-mindedness, and feeling ungrounded. When we align with this side, our nervous energy takes over, and we become fearful of the world around us. The mind races from one thought to another, with nothing to center it. We react to our emotions either with anxiety or by numbing ourselves so we feel nothing at all. In this state, we cannot correctly process our feelings, and they wreak havoc behind the scenes. To control the anxiety, we inundate ourselves and the people around us with questions while we look for answers. We ignore intuition and insist that logic is the only way. We may even develop tunnel vision, focusing on only certain aspects of a situation and forgetting the bigger picture.

If you find yourself aligning with the lower frequencies of Gemini on this full Moon, or at any time, ground yourself through your breath and body. Do some yoga to connect with your physical body, getting yourself out of your head. Try to feel your emotions, even if they scare you. Rely on the communication Gemini offers to journal, talk to a friend, or even just listen as someone talks to you. Feel your intuition guiding you and trust that all the answers you need in this moment will easily come to you. You do not need to worry about the future or try to control it. You just need to be open to communicating with yourself and the world around you in the moment.

Sagittarius, much like Gemini, also inspires us to gain information. When we align with this higher vibration, we seek expansion. We search the world for new insights and perspectives. We absorb information and seek to integrate it with what we already know. We also trust that everything will work out how it’s meant, even in the face of adversity. Sagittarius allows us to see life as a perpetual journey of unraveling truths. There are always new truths to learn and new perspectives to incorporate into our own understanding.

Sagittarius shows us the infinite potential of our consciousness and encourages us to expand it with every opportunity. In this frequency, we become open to receiving new truths and taking leaps of faith. We trust the journey of life and know that even if we stumble, we are still learning. Life becomes an evolving experience where there are no failures, no wrong turns, and no mistakes. There are just new realities to encounter that will expand our consciousness to new levels.

Sagittarius, in its shadow side, loses faith. When we align with this vibration, we lose trust in ourselves, our paths, and even the Universe. We question the meaning of our existence and allow ourselves to fall into a downward spiral of questions that even the greatest philosophers cannot answer.

In its lowest state, Sagittarius causes us to experience an existential crisis, preventing us from moving forward in life. We become stuck in an infinite loop of contemplation and fail to launch into something new and question the point of everything. We question the meaning of our lives and the meaning of everything that has happened to us. We expect disappointment and take a pessimistic view of our journey. Fear-based decisions control us, and we may even start assuming worst-case scenarios, focusing on the negative. Life begins to feel pointless.

If you find yourself in this frequency of Sagittarius, take even the smallest step forward into something new. Even if you cannot take a huge leap, find some way to bring newness into your life. Make a breakthrough by taking a chance in any direction. Remind yourself of the higher meaning of your life and focus on the positive of a past event, even if it’s challenging to find. Take a broad look at your life and see the whole point of it all.

As you recognize some of these energies within yourself, know that it’s ok to hold lower energies in your field. We all do at certain times. Becoming aware of them changes everything and opens the doorway for a higher vibration. The Full Moon can teach you how to take great leaps of faith as you overcome fear and find higher meaning. It can then help you take these higher lessons and apply them to all of life. We can’t all sit on a mountaintop contemplating life forever. The real journey begins when you are able to take what you’ve learned on your great quests and apply it to the smaller moments of life. This Full Moon can help you understand how to find grand insights and use them when you’re sitting in traffic, changing a diaper, or gaining the courage to speak up in a meeting. Whatever adventure is calling you, now is the time to embrace it.

Other Astrological Aspects Influencing the Full Moon

Each full Moon brings us unique energy and even differing themes compared to Moons before. Other planets form aspects with the full Moon, shifting the vibrations we feel from the event and making this full Moon in Sagittarius feel different from last year’s.

During the current full Moon in Sagittarius, the Moon trines Mars in Leo, adding more fire to the day. Trines occur when cosmic bodies are 120 degrees apart. They are beneficial aspects and allow the vibrations of each planet to harmonize with the other planet’s vibrations.

Mars is the planet of passion. It encourages us to find what we love most in the world and pursue it with courage. This planet also teaches us when to fight for what we love and stand our ground like a confident warrior. Leo helps us face our vulnerabilities and even embrace them as strengths.

When Mars lands in Leo, we are given extra courage to follow our hearts. This transit helps us take an extra leap into a new adventure aligned with who we really are. Let yourself express and pursue your passions. Allow others to see what you love.

It’s also important to remember the art of non-attachment. Mars in Leo is intense and can cause us to hold onto things that are best released. It’s a great time to look at why you might be attached to certain things and if this attachment is rooted in your ego or identity. If you find yourself fighting to hold on during this transit, ask yourself why.

Mars in Leo brings enthusiasm. You may feel ready to conquer a new mission or excited about a new path or overcome any fear. Feel your inner warrior and know that you are ready to overcome any obstacles on your path. Lead yourself forward with passion and heart into new territory full of unknown possibilities.

There are a few other aspects to work with that don’t involve the Moon or Sun but still affect the energy of the day. Venus lands in Cancer as it opposes Pluto in Aquarius. Venus is the planet of love and brings us in touch with our hearts. In Cancer, Venus reminds us to take care of our hearts, nourish them, and allow them to lead. Pluto is the ruler of transformation. In Aquarius, it brings its transformation to the collective. Pluto in Aquarius helps us heal and understand what we bring to society this lifetime.

As Venus and Pluto oppose each other this full Moon, they illuminate issues around the heart. It’s a time to feel any wounds in this area and ask if they are holding you back from taking a step forward. This Moon holds the opportunity to find silver linings and higher meaning in your heartache. First, though, you must become aware of what lessons you’ve learned from your heartache and how those lessons have helped you find some truth about yourself.

We have another aspect to work with this full Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Taurus sextiles, or lands 60 degrees away from, Saturn in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Its energy largely affects the full Moon. Jupiter in Taurus asks us to slow down and feel our expansion. It asks us to witness ourselves unfolding instead of unconsciously moving through life. Jupiter in Taurus brings the opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and feel your ability to create abundance.

As Jupiter sextiles Saturn, we are asked to look at our commitments. Ask yourself what adventures you are ready to commit to and if those adventures will expand you. Feel your potential calling you even if you need to slow down to hear it. Align with the energy of Jupiter in Taurus to feel your resilience and know that you are always supported by the Universe and yourself. You are your own safety net, so take the leap that is in front of you, remembering that you are always held and nurtured.

Just as we all have a Sun and a Moon sign, we also have a Jupiter sign, the place Jupiter was positioned when we were born. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. On the full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter is also activated and plays a role in how you will experience this full Moon. In your natal chart, Jupiter shows where you have room for expansion. It also shows how you interact with abundance, leaps of faith, and luck. It can show the place of your full potential and where you may be selling yourself short. This is amplified on the full Moon in Sagittarius.

Your Invitation

The full Moon in Sagittarius is a powerful time to face and transform fears. Fear has a way of living in our bodies. While it is often at the forefront of our minds, it also can subconsciously change our perceptions and behavior. We can hold fear in different areas of the physical, energetic, and emotional body. Fear, though, always has something to teach us. It can bring us wisdom and help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. It can shed light on blocks and obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our dreams.

Fear may always come to pay us a visit, but we do not have to let it change our course of action or deter our plans in any way. We simply need to listen to it, acknowledge it, and move it out of our bodies. Through facing our fears, we begin to control them and life’s course.

As you work with this full Moon in Sagittarius, remind yourself that it is a journey of truth. Ask yourself what adventures are calling you and remain open to the truths they deliver. Then decide if you are ready for those truths right now. If the answer is yes, confront your fears, take a leap, and know that you will make the best-case scenario unfold. Release anything blocking you and step forward into a new adventure.

Learn more about the full Moon in Sagittarius, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Sagittarius Full Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

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